Injuries Caused On Another's Property
Injuries caused on another’s property are generally referred to as “premises liability” injuries, and while they often consist of “slip-and-fall” accidents, which are thought to be routine, they can also involve gravely dangerous conditions such as falling debris, unsecured elevations, or even inadequate/non-existent security measures that would otherwise be needed to prevent violent crimes.
  • Simply put, property owners have a duty to maintain their property in a safe condition; if they fail to do so and somebody is injured, the property owners may be liable.
  • Usually these types of accidents happen in parking lots or shopping centers, but they can also occur on sidewalks and in stairwells.
  • Slips and falls can result in injuries as minor as a few bumps and bruises, or as major as concussions, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries.
  • Sometimes the victims of these events brush off their injuries as minor and either never file a claim, or tell the property owner's insurance company that “it was nothing.”  Yet, as time passes, the extent of the injury will manifest and “nothing” turns into something that requires treatment – however, the involved insurance company may use your “delay” to unfairly minimize the merits and worth of your claim.
Do not waive your rights to prompt medical treatment and compensation for pain and suffering, and do not make statements to the property owner's insurance representatives without first speaking with an attorney.

If you have been harmed on someone else’s property, whether it is a slip-and-fall event or otherwise, contact us today to discuss. As part of your free consultation, we will provide an honest evaluation of your case and explain all your options and alternatives.
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